Why Women Cheat?



  • Her man may be a workaholic or abusive making any stranger look attractive
  • Not feeling recognized or adequately celebrated which leads to resenting her partner
  • In her mind she already feels that the relationship is ending so why not do it
  • Not laughing or having fun anymore with her partner so looks for a good time elsewhere
  • Is being sexually deprived or it gets boring in the bedroom and seeks more passion
  • An emotionally starved woman will seek out an emotional connection with who offers it
  • Some are just wired to be unfaithful and cheat for the thrill of it
  • Starts feeling unattractive and looks for a boost in self-esteem
  • She's angry and wants revenge because her partner cheated first




How To Make An Unhappy Woman Happy?


  • Make her feel special and treat her like a princess
  • Pay attention to her and compliment her
  • Be spontaneous and surprise her with unplanned activities or with things you know she likes
  • Be responsive when she reaches out to you and return all calls and texts
  • Make her laugh and don't be afraid to surprise her with gifts
  • Be sensitive and understand her specific needs then address them
  • Show appreciation for her and don't ever take her for granted
  • Balance time spent with friends and with her
  • Make an effort to get along with her circle of friends and family
  • Confide in her but be sensitive when you discuss other female friends around her





What Happened To The Excitement?


  • Getting comfortable and letting yourself go makes you less appealing then past days of dating
  • No longer communicating desires, dreams, and visions which leads to an invisible wall between two people
  • Getting stuck in a routine and no longer doing things together daily or spending time alone
  • Not getting over past anger and resentment can lead to a lack of present and future enthusiasm
  • No longer dating, courting, or kissing can put you on the fast track to boredom
  • Stopped engaging in new activities leaving no elements of mystery or surprise
  • Touching and playing together has now become awkward because it hasn't been done for such a long time







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