How Can I Prevent Breast Cancer?


Breast cancer has not yet proven to be 100 percent preventable. You can however lower your risk by changing the risk factors you have control of. Body weight, physical activity, and diet are all linked to breast cancer. Improving in these areas should be your starting point. This also means don't smoke! There is accumulating evidence that there is a link between smoking and breast cancer.


  • Be active, control your weight, and keep your Body Mass Index under 25
  • Avoid animal fats, sugared drinks, refined carbohydrates, fatty foods, and alcohol
  • If you're over 60 or have a family history of breast cancer consider an estrogen blocking drug
  • Avoid environmental exposures known to cause cancer such as UV radiation and indoor radon




Can I Live With The Disease?


Yes you can live beyond breast cancer. Living with metastatic stage 4 breast cancer that has spread into the bloodstream and other organs can be controlled for years under ongoing treatment. The disease can go into remission at times allowing you to feel well enough to give your treatment a break. Everybody is different and some women can live over 10 years with the disease. For others the time span is drastically cut short. The goal of rounds of personalized treatment will be to pro-long life while also improving the quality of life.


Breast cancer treatment will respond best if:


  • Cancer has not spread to the lung, brain, or liver
  • Hormone receptors are present
  • The tumor is not resistant to therapy





How Expensive Is Breast Cancer Treatment?


Cancer is a very costly illness taking a toll on your health and wallet at the same time. Even the best insurance money can buy won't cover all of your cost including co-pays and prescription medicine. This is where the out of pocket expenses add up quickly leaving you with little if any money to pay for other things you need in life. In some cases the cost is so high that some people take only half their medication to stretch out the dose or even stop treatment altogether. This only however allows the cancer to continue to grow and possibly come back even stronger. Some of the treatment cost associated with breast cancer are:


  • Drug costs
  • Imaging testing (x-rays, CT scans,and MRI'S)
  • Doctor visits and co-pays
  • Lab tests
  • Clinical visits for treatments
  • Radiation treatments
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • Home care
  • Loss of pay at work because of missed days
  • Breast reconstruction surgery




What Is The Survival Rate?


There are certain factors that play a role in determining your odds of surviving breast cancer. These factors include the stage, type, and location of the actual cancer. How quickly the cancer is growing, your age, general health, and how you respond to treatment all play a significant role in your recovery.


  • 25% of women with metastatic breast cancer live more than five years after diagnosis
  • Some live 10 or 20 years beyond diagnosis
  • Metastatic breast cancer accounts for 40,000 deaths annually in the US.
  • 6%-10% are in stage IV from the time of their initial diagnosis
  • 20%-30% diagnosed with early stage breast cancer will go on to develop metastatic breast cancer





Is There A Cure For Breast Cancer?


There is no defined cure for breast cancer currently on the market. There are only ways to treat it once the disease has developed. Everyone is looking for a magic pill of some sort. The truth is that a consistent plant based diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been clinically proven in studies to effectively lower your risk of breast cancer. An added benefit of eating a healthy diet also offers protection from other ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.


On a regular basis you should get involved in intentional physical activity and continue to remain active. Reduce your lifetime weight by consciously limiting calories and fat intake. Avoid or limit alcohol intake. Even low levels of alcohol intake have been linked with an increase in risk. Women who breastfeed for several months have been known to further reduce their risk of breast cancer. Not using hormone therapy after menopause will also help avoid raising your risks.

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