The Rich Must Die






The Rich Must Die

   What is "The Rich Must Die" About?

If you were rich would you keep the excess for yourself or share with those who could use a little help here and there? "The Rich Must Die" is an American story of deception, greed, and lust for power from the have-nots who want to have more. Studying hard and working long hours to climb the corporate ladder one rung at a time is not for everyone. Some stop at nothing and step on anyone in their path to reach a self-fulfilling goal.


After a sharp death toll increase of the elite, a sharp witted veteran detective takes over the high profile investigation to piece together clues left behind. As Detective Garrett narrows in on nabbing a suspect, the more brazen and publicized the crimes become. Are the homicides connected and we have a serial killer on the loose, or are copy cat villains responsible for believing the hype that The Rich Must Die?

  What Will I Gain By Reading "The Rich Must Die"?

* Take a ride of non-stop action from the opening words to the shocking twists

   revealed in the end.


* Rich, poor, and middle class all view the world differently. Who's side are you on?


* See what happens when wealth and excess clash with those just trying to make ends meet.


* Indulge in a page turner that keeps you engaged and keeps you guessing with

   every new clue made available.


* Challenge your wits and gut instincts to solve the case before Detective Garrett.


* Wagner Wolf has penned an entertaining literary whodunit thriller leaving everyone

   a suspect.


* The fast pace writing action makes The Rich Must Die a great read from beginning

   to end.


* Test your heart. Will you side with the villain or the wealthy hiding behind their

   fortress of money?

  Where Can I Get "The Rich Must Die"?

The Rich Must Die
The Rich Must Die









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