The Nicest Guy In Hell is an engaging and riveting story detailing the private lives and events of a family we can easily relate to. The Branch family goes from having it all and then-some, to fighting with each other and struggling to survive when unexpected tragedy strikes.


This loving and caring role model family who once shared a unique and close knit bond suddenly becomes divided. They even resort to turning on one another when faced with an unlikely series of mis-fortunate events. All the money in the world could not prepare members of the Branch family for what's in store for them here on Earth or in the afterlife as they find out what happens when you die.


Death has never been a respecter of person. At an unknown time we will all take our last breath and meet our fate. Get an accurate first hand account of what happens when you die from someone writing from the grave.  While reading, cautiously  keep in mind that their stories of peril and triumph may ultimately one day become your own story.

Get your very own digital download or printed personal copy ASAP to begin your suspenseful journey on an unforgettable ride within the pages of The Nicest Guy In Hell. This vivid story welcomes you deep into the mind of an affluent philanthropist, business owner, father, husband, and all around good guy. Get a first hand glimpse of how the other half views the world and how one man struggles to make it a better place.


Paul's wife and kids are less accustomed to the spotlight or making big decisions without their patriarch Paul leading the way. Little do they know, the day will soon come when no one will be there to safely guide them and hold their hand anymore.


In this uncomfortable new reality they will all be held fully accountable for the choices they make. Not even wealth, prestige, and connections will be able to protect them from the consequences of their irreversible actions when they realize what happens moments after you die.

Is heaven real? Is hell real? Is there an eternal after-life of some sort? These are age-old questions most definitely worthy of being answered. We have a tendency to question the validity of these realities because we somehow feel unprepared and simply not ready to meet our waiting destinies.


These unseen destinations do indeed exist as we've all heard about and been taught throughout our lives. On the other hand, some rebel and choose to find comfort in not believing the truth as stated by the Creator of all things. After reading The Nicest Guy In Hell you will clearly and accurately see just how real these places are and what to expect upon arrival...


Journey through the unknown realms of above and below along with living out the trials and tribulations on Earth encountered by each member of the Branch family.


Vivid imagery, plot twists, and descriptive dialogue take you further down the rabbit hole than you ever knew existed. You may think you already know what this book is about, but you truly have no idea. Reading is believing!

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