Lifestyles Of The Rich



  • Eat less than 300 calories of junk food per day
  • Don't gamble at casinos or with the lottery
  • Stay focused on accomplishing a single goal
  • Exercise aerobically several days a week
  • Listen to audio books instead of music in the car
  • Maintain an active to do list
  • Volunteer several hours per month
  • Write down their goals
  • Set aside time to network every month
  • Watch less than one hour of TV per day
  • Wake up three hours before work starts
  • Strive to eliminate bad habits
  • Spend a considerable amount of time reading




Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich


  • Make payments on two or three cars or trucks
  • Have cable or satellite television
  • Have two or more computers with Internet access
  • Own video game systems such as Xbox or Playstation
  • Own and make use of home digital video recorders (DVR, Tivo)
  • Consume junk food regularly and have poor eating habits
  • Work longer and harder than most
  • Pay more taxes than the wealthy
  • Live shorter lives while suffering with chronic pain
  • Carry on debt resulting in lower credit scores and higher interest rate payments




Pros Of Being Wealthy


  • Unlimited choices and options for housing, automobiles, and entertainment
  • Freedom to fund your passions and hobbies
  • Access to great healthcare
  • Get things for free in comps, gifts, and discounts
  • Have fun doing things you always wanted to try but never thought you could
  • Being able to give money away through gifts and philanthropy to help others
  • Have resources to offer your kids and family




Cons Of Being Wealthy


  • Depression from guilt friends put on you to help them pay off mortgages, debt, healthcare, etc
  • Being under a microscope and judged unfairly for decisions you make
  • Need to employ accountants, lawyers, bankers, to keep track of what your money is doing
  • Deal with constant bombardment from scam artists and fraudsters
  • Not knowing who is sincere to you and who is after your money
  • The end of goals and ambitions because financial security is already obtained
  • Loneliness because you are in a class by yourself and can't easily relate to others





Pros Of Being Less Fortunate


  • Family bonds are created that last a lifetime
  • You're grateful for what you have
  • Creativity and imagination flows freely
  • You're more spiritually grounded
  • Realize that the accumulation of stuff doesn't define your role in life
  • Take care of what you have because it took effort to acquire it
  • Ability to enjoy and spend quality time with friends and family





Cons Of Being Less Fortunate



  • Have to choose between needs and wants
  • Life choices are usually determined by budget
  • Work for income instead of following true passions
  • Level of debt determines purchasing power
  • One unforeseen crisis can leave you broke and desperate
  • College education cost are too high to incur without going into debt
  • Unable to prepare for retirement as you would like to






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"The Rich Must Die"

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