In the after-life will you go to heaven or hell?

If you were God,

what would You do?



Thankfully we'll never have to answer that question. Bruce Almighty gave it a shot and was quickly overwhelmed. None of us could successfully manage that awesome responsibility. We are then left to accept or refuse the order of the world already in place long before you or I arrived here. The question is, what happens when you die? Are you prepared to live with the fateful results of your choices and actions. There's a simple choice to be made and the power of free will allows you to choose your eternal outcome for yourself. For this reason, no one should be truly surprised when they ultimately end up at their final destination moments after they die.


The Nicest Guy In Hell is not only a story taking you on an unforgettable journey through the after-life, it's a fascinating adventure involving a family desperately struggling to overcome the stresses of success and calamity.  Just when you think you figured it out and know where the story is going next, everything is turned upside down again to keep you guessing. To feed your curiosity and avoid any spoiler alerts, no book specifics will be given away here. Keep in mind that the plot suspense and increasing drama will certainly keep you hooked from start to finish.


This is one of those books you start reading and as you're about to put it down to do something else you say to yourself, "okay just one more chapter." You've never read anything like this before. After you finish reading you'll still be thinking about it. Consider it less of a book and more of entertainment you can apply to real life.

The Nicest Guy In Hell book cover
The Nicest Guy In Hell by Wagner Wolf Book Cover

All cultures and civilizations throughout history have always been intrigued with the notion of life after death and have tried to answer questions about the reasons we're here on Earth. Some are looking for hope and peace in the belief that life is eternal. Others search for answers out of fear and dread about what happens when you die.


The Nicest Guy In Hell aims to bring you to a deeper level of consciousness on a wide spectrum of topics so you can walk away with a clearer image of life and the things to come. The author's genuine easy to read writing style will get your wheels rolling and keep the unique and informative narrative lingering in your head all day long. This effect will likely cause you to rush back to continue reading some more again shortly after you've put the book down.

The Nicest Guy In Hell

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