Breast Cancer Chronicles by Erica J. Holloman Published by Wagner Wolf





         by Erica J. Holloman, PhD

Breast Cancer Chronicles by Erica J. Holloman Published by Wagner Wolf

The cure for Breast Cancer starts with you!


Awareness, prevention, and detection mean everything when dealing with breast cancer. You have to play your part and monitor your own body and also make sure that your loved ones are aware of the risks they face and how to minimize their chances of getting breast cancer in the future. You can be the hero of your own circle of friends by being the informed one who passes on information to others who may neglect their own needs.


The true life story of "Breast Cancer Chronicles" is based on actual events in real time with calendar entries to give you an idea of how quickly it can spread and what options are available for care at each stage. To be a survivor you have to know your enemy and all of its tactics. The easy to read format of this book on how to cope with Breast Cancer allows you to read through and become more knowledgeable of the innermost personal thoughts one has when facing their darkest hours.


     What's "Breast Cancer Chronicles" About?


Breast Cancer Chronicles is a detailed journal of one womans life suddenly turned upside down with the introduction of one word into her vocabulary : Cancer. A disease which is no respecter of persons that creeps into the inner workings of unsuspecting victims to wreak havoc with reckless abandon. Her diagnosis was a shock to everyone as an otherwise young healthy women with no family history of the disease. After coming to grips with initial emotions and questions of why me and how could this be, a new reality began to set in.


A long grueling battle into unknown territory with an unforgiving foe was inevitably on the horizon. Events that follow in this well laid-out and easy to follow chronicle invite you to take this obstacle laden journey with Erica. From the first phone call with the doctor giving the news to every step thereafter, walk side by side with Erica as she experiences setbacks, milestones, and faces questions of her own mortality.

Why Should I Read "Breast Cancer Chronicles"?

* Read detailed cancer related diary entries written in an easy to read chronological format.


* Become smarter and better informed about cancer to discern between myth and fact.


* If you have breast, you're already at risk so running from the topic isn't an option.


* Knowing is half the battle so ease your fears by reading "Breast Cancer Chronicles".


* Follow a precise time-line of how quickly the disease progresses and how to fight back.


* Use the glossary provided to learn abbreviations and terms commonly associated

   with signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer.


* What about fertility drugs, treatments, and preservation? Find out how to move forward      when you still want to have children.


* See how people respond when personal relationships are tested and pushed to the



* Discover the process of going through chemotherapy from a womans perspective.


* Learn the truth and facts about mammograms and mastectomies.


* Read the book for yourself, get a copy for a loved one, or gift the book to someone

   who may be suffering in silence.

Where Can I Get "Breast Cancer Chronicles"?

Breast Cancer Chronicles by Erica J. Holloman Published by Wagner Wolf
Breast Cancer Chronicles by Erica J. Holloman Published by Wagner Wolf. A woman's struggle with the disease.

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