How To Get The Thrill Back With A Boring Husband?



  • Just the two of you can take mini-vacations together
  • Exercise your sense of humor to bring laughter back into the picture
  • Let the little annoyances go and you will once again see the person you fell in love with
  • Make time to sit down together once a day to talk and share with each other
  • Dancing on the weekends because it's fun, it's exercise, and gives you an excuse to get close to each other
  • Share unexpected flirtatious comments and leave small notes with romantic and sexy messages
  • Arrive home with intention as you bolt through the door. Grab your lover instead of heading to the refrigerator
  • Sometimes a little space is needed because too much togetherness can kill passion in a marriage




Can You Teach A Boring Husband New Tricks?



  • Instead of holding grudges ask yourself what can you do today to make your partner happier
  • Learn to forgive and do it quickly and often
  • Become better at trusting and give your partner the benefit of the doubt
  • Find ways to share responsibility instead of putting it all on the other person
  • Cold shouldering gets boring after a few days so instead do something nice during a rough patch
  • Learn from your mistakes, say sorry and mean it, and don't keep secrets
  • Be cautious about the words you use and learn to shut up and listen
  • Start occasionally going out with another married couple to laugh and learn from their relationship
  • Accept responsibility for choices and actions instead of putting the blame on someone else
  • Stop being so critical and appreciate your partners strengths and weaknesses














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