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So You Wanna Be A Doctor

Ask yourself, were you born to help yourself or to help others? We want to show you how to navigate easier through school, applications, testing, interviewing, and medical residency. Save time, frustration, and big money by learning from our mistakes and experiences! We teach aspiring med students the requirements for becoming a physician.

This valuable resource guide book will give you a greater understanding

of the medical profession, internship, residency, and fellowship. Learn prerequisites and requirements for admission. Gain insider knowledge from doctors and residents

who wrote the book. Only those who went through the tests

and trials can truthfully answer the questions in a meaningful way.


Table of Contents:




Abbreviations & Definitions......................................................xi


ANESTHESIA..."Hmmm - That's Weird...Making It Through

Anesthesia And All Of Life's Interruptions"... Shermian P. Daniel, M.D...3



 Yourself In Medicine"..Miguel A. Coba, M.D..45


PATHOLOGY..."You're Not A Real Doctor!" Yvelisse N. Suarez, M.D...61


VETERINARY MEDICINE.."Veterinarians: Doctors Who Treat

 More Than Just One Species"...Joya S. Griffin, D.V.M...87


PEDIATRICS..."Life Is Good...Now"...Adonia H. Dibbell, M.D...101


DENTISTRY..."You Don't Have To Brush Your Teeth - Just The  Ones

You Want To Keep"... Elo C. Adibe, D.M.D...115


DERMATOLOGY..."Is It A Rash?".... Richard H Huggins, M.D...129


OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY..."You May Encounter Many Defeats,

But You Must Not Be Defeated"...L. Efua Essandoh, M.D...145


CARDIOLOGY/SURGERY ... "Been There, Done That" ...

Trevor H. Atherley, M.D., P.A. and Leon S. Dick, M.D., P.A...171


CODE BLUE ..... "20 Do's and Don'ts For Surviving An Emergency Situation"

Shermian P. Daniel, M.D. and Richard S. Daniel.....185


GENERAL INFORMATION......."Essential Residency Resources".....

Shermian P. Daniel, M.D. and Richard S. Daniel.....191



      What is "So You Wanna Be A Doctor" About?

"So You Wanna Be A Doctor" is an easy to navigate guidebook full of resources, statistics, school listings, salaries, personal stories, admission requirements, and one on one interviews. The information packed chapters walk you through the real life process of going from a student to intern to medical professional within various specialties.


"So You Wanna Be A Doctor" authors take  time to thoroughly discuss what matters most during this journey and what you can realistically expect. Even if you are considering a residency specialty other than the ones listed in the table of contents above, you still gain mountains of knowledge from the writers experiences and how they overcame obstacles to success in their paths that you will also face sooner or later.


Just like you, many of the writers were unsure of what the medical school and residency road ahead held for them. There was no easy to read guidebook available or a one stop resource to get the most pressing questions answered like medical school residency length, salary, rankings, or program time-lines. After successfully graduating from medical school and moving up the ranks from resident, to attendings, and to doctors, they decided to give back and write down what they just went through to make this book available to you. Best of all, "So You Wanna Be A Doctor" costs a lot less than the textbooks and workbooks you'll be required to purchase, but more about that in the book....

  Why Should I Read "So You Wanna Be A Doctor"?

* Learn the residency admissions process. (match day, interviewing, requirements, applications)


* We personally know the pressures and what's at stake when trying to become a doctor.


* Nobody wants to be a failure especially at this stage of life so avoid these common mistakes.


* Get realistic salary figures of what you can potentially earn in your medical specialty.


* Discover how personal relationships are tested when you commit yourself to becoming a doctor.


* If you're committing 7 years and $100,000 to your education, spend the couple dollars on this book.


* Remove some of the doubts and fears you may have walking into this medical professional arena.


* Find out what you're made of when serious personal and professional adversity comes your way.


* Experience 'typical' days in the life of residents, attendings, doctors, and administrators..


* See how the doctor authors were able to finance their very expensive educations.


* Whether you aspire to become a medical doctor or not, So You Wanna Be A Doctor is a great read.


* Easy to understand dialogue and intriguing personal life stories will educate and motivate you.


* The authors attended some of America's best universities and Residency Programs.


* Graduates from Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai, etc want to share knowledge with you.


* This book delivers and is worth its weight in gold for the knowledge you gain from each author.


* Use the Code Blue section to learn some life saving medical referance tips you can use now.


* Medical schools and programs offered along with website information is provided in the book.


* The hard work is done for you, apply to your situation the advice and suggestions made.


* Begin to think & speak like a medical professional after reading "So You Wanna Be A Doctor".


* This easy to read book will save you time, money, and future headaches.

    Where Can I Get "So You Wanna Be A Doctor"?

         Get your copy of "So You Wanna Be A Doctor"  from your favorite retailers!





Get through medical school and become a doctor.
Get through medical school and become a doctor

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