Audio Mastering




Equalize Levels


  • Enhance bass for deeper and fuller sound, make tonal adjustments for clarity and impact
  • Optimize loudness and enhance dynamics for more energy and punch





Song Mastering


  • Final layer of quality control regarding perceived sound quality and presentation for CD or digital release
  • Ensure audio mixes sound clear, balanced, and consistent on a variety of playback systems





Audio Clean-Up


  • Add fade ins and fade outs to tracks, significantly lower background noise by several decibels
  • Remove hissing, pops, clipping, and other annoying sounds, phrases, or words that should not be there






Add Sound Effects to Songs And Videos


  • Add effects to your music such as cars, bells, gun shots, clapping, children playing, etc
  • Adding effects can help enhance the overall project when placed properly within the track





Listen to the difference between a mastered track and a track only mixed-down ready to be mastered.

First impressions mean everything!



Every project is unique and customized to suit your specific needs. Projects will be quoted using a flat rate pricing structure. Quick turnaround short term jobs may qualify for the hourly rate option. Design fees include time spent on phone calls, emails, project management, file prep, conversions, rendering, and all the other issues that tend to surface during the course of a project. All cost are calculated at the onset of the project to make sure there are no surprises later. Flat rate project policy requires a fifty percent security deposit before undergoing the project. The remaining fifty percent becomes due upon completion of the project to your satisfaction. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Digital project files larger than 25 MB will be transferred using services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

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