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Shattered Dreams


            Wagner Wolf

What Is "Antoinette : Shattered Dreams" About?

If looks could kill, we'd all be dead by now. Antoinette : Shattered Dreams is a truly riveting and captivating story told in vivid detail by the most recent victim taking refuge at the battered women's facility run by Antoinette. Kerry seemingly has it all with a new husband, a loving daughter, suburban home, and a budding new career. Sometimes having it all isn't always enough. A marriage made in heaven soon becomes a live-in arrangement from hell when verbal, emotional, and physical abuse come into play. When Kerry's needs aren't being met at home, other ways to feel more womanly quickly become apparent.


The more she gets it, the more she wants it. Decisions Kerry makes from here on out will only come back to haunt her in the worst way. When Kerry's husband catches wind of what his pretty little wife is up to, he becomes insanely obsessive stopping at nothing to keep her tamed. When the facility director Antoinette hears Kerry's detailed story, she secretly devises her own plans on how to exact swift and long lasting revenge on Kerry's behalf. Antoinette's covert payback methods prove to be far more damaging and destructive to the victims than anyone could have imagined.

What Will I Gain By Reading Antoinette : Shattered Dreams?

* Listen to women voice their stories of tragedy, despair, and hope.


* Live the dark side of relationships that take place behind closed doors.


* What starts off as a touching love story turns into something much more sinister.


* Get more than your fair share of drama leading to betrayal, obsession, and revenge.


* Connect with women who survived their own story of Shattered Dreams.


* Become wiser by knowing what signs to look for when dating "Mr. Right".


* Regain power in your relationships by getting the confidence to be strong.


* If your bored in your relationship see how to get your sexy back with a vengeance.


* If you like watching Dateline ID stories, you'll love this book.


* See how to make others lust after you, but remember everything comes with a price.


* Sit front row through uncensored therapy sessions led by the cold and calculating

   director, Antoinette.


* Learn the psychiatry behind the mind of a person obsessed.


* Gain insight to why stalkers and abusers behave the way they do.


* Decide if you agree with Antoinette's tactics used to exact revenge on men who

  harm women.


* Witness a chain of events that leads a woman from loving wife to a single but

   married mindset.


* Antoinette : Shattered Dreams culminates with one of the most bizarre endings and

  cliff hangers readers have come across in recent memory.

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