Starting the day by answering that question should drive us to live with some drive and purpose instead of merely going through the motions without any passion or zeal. Once life on Earth is over you realize that death is not the end of consciousness. It's only the beginning of a new chapter within an incalculably vast journey spread across the great unknown. The question What Happens When You Die is finally answered in The Nicest Guy In Hell.


Afterlife experiences some endure in hospitals and near death experience stories give proof, evidence, and a glimpse of what happens when you die. Many have come back to give a divine revelation of hell. Others have brought back a hello from heaven letting us know that everything will all one day be okay.  Some have gone to write books about hell and books about heaven which often comes with controversy and casts doubt on what was truly revealed to them during their near death experience. They do however all agree that everything on earth is not as it is in heaven.

If you knew today was your last day on Earth,

what would you do differently?


Even when you have it all, it can all be gone in an instant.  When the life you know is over and spirituality takes over to reign supreme, you begin playing by a different set of rules. Many spend a lifetime attempting to avoid this issue of life after death. Sooner or later the question of what happens when you die must be and will be addressed.


All religions believe in some form of an afterlife or Paradise whether it's Christianity, Islam, Buddhism,  Catholic, and the list goes on. Eastern and New-Age religions take bits and pieces from here and there to put their own spin on what has been originally taught in the Holy Bible. Even atheists who supposedly don't believe in anything supernatural have theories on what takes place at the end of life.


People who have suffered medically validated NDE's or near death experiences all come back to life claiming they caught a vivid glimpse of things to come. Some may try to discredit their spiritual testimony even though the evidence they present of viewing heaven or hell is overwhelming.

The Nicest Guy In Hell is a great way to start the conversation of dealing with uncertainties of what to expect when one reaches a place such as heaven or hell. The Nicest Guy In Hell certainly doesn't start or stop there. This work of literature also goes into great detail describing what takes place in the lives among those who are survivors of one who has passed on. As long as you're alive, life goes on and you have to deal with whatever situation is in front of you at that moment.


The Branch family soon find an unbearable amount of circumstances on their plate as they try to cope with unexpected day to day issues that constantly arise.


Other topics of great debate also discussed within the book include civil liberties of citizens, mindset of a philanthropist, simple bible teachings, atheist thought process, successful business ownership, charitable giving, pop and hip hop lifestyle, just being there for others during times of need, along with a few other unexpected mind-blowing plot twist surprises...

Some other titles that may capture your interest as well after reading The Nicest Guy In Hell include the mystery crime story The Rich Must Die.


For those who want to take an escape and live vicariously through the international woman of adventure and intrigue Demitria Desjardin, then Blissful Encounters is for you.


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   The Nicest Guy In Hell


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