What Is Adult Romance All About?



These are the books you read when you know you won't be interrupted for awhile. You get your glass of wine or bag of popcorn and let the excitement begin. Every now and then you have to tuck the kids in early, kick off your heels, and open up a world of seduction and fantasy with a sexy book to see how the other half lives.


Best selling romance stories do just that by allowing you to stay safe in your comfort zone while you travel with them to do things and see places you can only dream about. Sometimes there's a happy ending and everyone gets what they want. Other times situations get real ugly real fast when jealousy and obsession begin to rear its ugly head.


There are many sub-genres within the adult erotica book market so you have to find out what themes best interest you. Some adult romance fiction books are so inspiring they can motivate you to bring some of the spice back into your relationship and bedroom with your significant other.


50 Shades Of Grey brought a lot of attention back to the contemporary adult romance genre. This phenomenon gave birth to several other titles and trilogy series from other authors to fill the same need of expressing passion on paper. It's easy to get lost in the erotica and adult romance genres because there are so many sub-genres within it. When you find a steamy enough and just right book you can't get enough of, take note of the author and look out for other works by them since you'll have an idea of what to expect.





Blissful Encounters book cover

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•Adult contemporary romance written for the erotica genre with twists and turns taking you all over Europe.

•Author Demitria Desjardin's risqué writing style gets your juices flowing as she holds nothing back.



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