Blissful Encounters

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Looking for vivid scenes, romantic rendezvous, and excellent writing?

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Indulge in sensual imagery from a female perspective as the brave Mia LeBlanc unexpectedly re-discovers all the pleasures and pains in the power of falling in love.


Mia is finally a single woman again. She faithfully supported her boyfriend and stood patiently by his side as he realized all of his career dreams. Mia postpones her own career dreams in hopes of having children and being a stay-at-home mom someday. As you guessed it, Mia’s dreams never become a reality. She finds this worthless excuse of a man cheating on her at home one day. The utter betrayal opens her eyes making Mia realize she has to begin putting herself first!


First order of business - a life altering trip across Europe, especially that old city of love, Paris! She writes all about her ravenous trip and makes note of every bead of sweat expelled during her adult and unexpected encounters. Find intense uncensored details written throughout the pages of her trusty personal journal. Now is your chance to follow Mia on this journey of rediscovery as she experiences new and unforgettable adventures. See if you can keep up with Mia during her hot European summer. Do you think you can handle her Blissful Encounters?


Mia’s journal reads raw and hardcore like a New Adult writer skilled at pulling off the forbidden, gritty, and seductive dark world of erotica. Her journal balances out a good story with good writing while adding just the right amounts of dirty to the mix. Mia’s erotic adult romance story will shock you with unexpected feelings gutting you and setting you free all at once. Stay in constant suspense of wondering just how far Mia will go to escape her own reality and chase her insatiable desires of thrill and passion. Strap in tight and get ready for a whirlwind of intrigue because this tale of exploration and amateur submission will surely be one crazy ride!



"Not only was this book an erotic journey, the author took me on a transatlantic flight to beautiful places. A true page turner. Not for the prudish-unless you are looking to expand your mind." Heather Rivers