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Wolf Publications is a subsidiary of Wagner Wolf. We are a multimedia production and publishing company bringing innovative ideas, products, and  services to you. Wagner Wolf and WolfPublications.com is a family operated business started by a brother and sister. The business  incorporated years ago with a one line mission statement, "let's give the people what they want"! Since  establishment it's always been our priority to bring you stimulating and thought provoking videos, music, fiction, and non-fiction reading materials.


Our music production team has been working with talented musicians from Philadelphia to bring you a  new and exciting style of pop and hip hop music. When words and music aren't enough to get the point across, you can subscribe and watch videos broadcast at TheWagnerTV (YouTube Channel). Feel free to watch, like, and share the funny, informative, and inspiring videos created to keep you informed of who we are and what Wolf Publications is up to.

Our Vision


Wagner Wolf's vision is to continue expanding our rosters of talent to bring you the best and most original never before seen, heard, or read material. In conjunction with Wolf Publications we will continue to seek out talented authors and artists to bring their stories, visions, and voices to you.


By talking to many starving artists, Wagner Wolf has come to realize how discouraging and daunting it can be to step into the unknowns of independent book publishing, creative graphic design, and music production recording. We want to help those with a burning drive to succeed by removing obstacles in their path and giving them the help they need along the way to be successful at what they do.

Wagner Wolf LLC
Wagner Wolf Gives Back

Help Us Help Others


You play a key role in helping build the confidence and success of others by supporting their hard creative work. By reading and purchasing the diverse book titles found on WolfPublications.com and published by Wagner Wolf LLC, you let the authors know that their voices count and someone is interested in what they have to say.


Thank you and continue to view, like, and share the educational and entertaining videos created for your enjoyment. While you're here on the Wolf Publications website, feel free to browse through the site and take advantage of all the great fiction and non-fiction books to read along with the services available to you.


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